Friday, March 1, 2013

omg! it's march!

february seemed like a short month this year! (LOL) i have been working my ass off with this play i've been in. and the show is in 5 days. needless to say, i'm so freaking nervous. not to mention that the guy who is playing George was in the hospital on wednesday. that had me freaking out, but thank goodness he is better! and i just feel like i'm not ready... hopefully that will change by the 6th. (deep breath) hey! if any of you are in the area (central PA) and have nothing to do, come see Our Town produced by HACCtheatreworks. the shows are March 7th (student night) at 7, March 8th & 9th at 7, and March 10th at 2 in the Rose Lehrman Arts Center.

also, my cat, though he is the most adorable kitty on this earth, is also becoming the most annoying! he will not let me sleep in! if it is past 10:30, he will meow and meow and meow and then step on me and scratch at the window. thats when i kick him out of the room, but by that point, i'm already too awake to fall asleep.

and another update: I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD!!!


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