Monday, January 28, 2013

five inches

i had to cut my hair, which really sucks since i was growing it out. i wanted me some lucious locks. my director, marnie, told me she wanted shoulder length with sideswept bangs. ugh. so i got it done at Didia Salon in Carlisle, PA. (i highly reccomend that you go there if you live close to central PA.)  it was a lovely haircut. perfect, actually. just what marnie wanted. but i hated it. i got 5 inches taken off. i missed my long hair. i felt so young and not pretty in any way. needless to say, i had a total mental breakdown. it was kinda silly. the next day, my mom called up my stylist and i went back in. he showed me different ways to style my hair so that is doesn't look so juvenile. (for no charge, i might add.)

slowly, but surely, i am growing accustomed to my hair, and i know sooner rather than later i will forget about the length. i just need to keep in mind that changing the way i look is a ginormous part of the profession i have chosen.


Monday, January 21, 2013

sleepy time

these are just so various poses of little while he is takeing a cat nap, literally. he is just the light of my life, i tell you. even when he is in slumber.
the last one is my favorite.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

changing my mind

i started off this year wanting to keep a daily record of every day this year. just a little sentence or two or a list of things that happened that day that i found memorable. that failed miserably. i just forgot about it after january 12th. "wow," you gasped, while i shamefully muttered, "i know." however, there is a silver lining! i am required to keep an acting journal for my acting II class, so i thought that every once in a while, i would share an entry on this little thing. what do you say?

*this has to do with a production i am in right now, Our Town. sorry if you aren't familiar with it*

"While driving home today, I was thinking a lot about Emily; her relationship with George, but mostly I was thinking about her 'goodbye' monologue. With George, I know she loves him, but how much? Nine years have gone by since their wedding and their kid is four. That means there are five years that is just the two of them, which was very rare back then. At the turn of the century, couples would get married and have kids right off the bat, because that is what was done back then. It was the social norm. I think that George and Emily wanted to spend as much time together, just the two of them, as long as socially possible, becasue they didn't just love each other; they were IN love with each other. They were absolutely crazy about each other.
So I then thought about my 'goodbye' monologue and I was greatly upset by the fact that she says goodbye to clock ticking, but not to George and the baby. If she was so in love with him, why didn't she have one final farewell to him. Then it hit me. The point of the monologue is for her to finally say goodbye to life so she can embrace death. If she even thinks about George, she won't want to forget her life. So she can't remember him.
At the end of the monologue, I think she has fully embraced death, however, George comes back in and is sobbing at her grave. By that point, she has completely forgotten about George so she is taken aback to see him. Then, when she says 'It's George!" the second time, I want to say it full of remorse and sorrow, becasue all my love for him, both the love I felt in life and the realized emotions I know I have now in death explode throughout me. But when I see him sobbing, and I ask Mother Gibbs 'they don't understand, do they?' I realize that the love he, as a human, has for me is NOTHING compared to what we could of have if we had lived every moment of every minute of our lives, which is one of the lessons that Thornton Wilder is trying to teach through this play."


Friday, January 18, 2013


doing: memorizing the International Phonetic Alphabet
hearing: Adele
watching: little watching half tail


Monday, January 14, 2013


first i wanted to draw and that was a bust. then i wanted to scrapbook, but i didn't have the patience for it. crochet, oil painting, jewelry making, all were just not meant to be. then i saw this shop and decided to try my hand at watercolor. at first i just played around, but then i did actual designs and pictures. my best are a couple of trees. then i found this picture on pinterest and fell in love and i knew i wanted to try and make one myself.

i am so happy with the results. it is framed on my book shelf!


Saturday, January 12, 2013

returns and exchanges

remember that record player my parents got me? yea, that one. well it stinks! the sound was warped and just poor and it made me mad! so i returned it and bought some other things.

i just love target! and little likes it too.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

bag lady, cat lady

riddle me this: what do you get when you combine THIS dress, with THIS diy tote bag?
obviously the coolest bag.. EVER!

i pretty much followed the diy linked above, except instead of a quote, i chose a cat pattern (see first link above) and i had to hot glue the straps because a needle wouldn't go through the leather and i sure do hope it stays. i also added a cardboard bottom covered in canvas to the bag to make it more sturdy.

tote bag, leather suade strips, black fabric paint/ hobby lobby
cat stamp/ made from styrofoam
cardboard, canvas/ layin' around the house

i think it is probably the most favorite thing i've ever made! and it is quite appropriate since classes start monday! eep!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

just a little stray

my brother named her half tail because she only has half a tail and it has no movement. now i don't know how that happened. my theories are 1) she was born that way or 2) hit by something. either way, she is as sweet as can be, but doesn't like to have too much contact with humans. she sticks around for food because i can't bear not to feed her. when i set down her food, she rubs against my hand and i have the miniscule opportunity to get a little lovin' from her. i want so badly to keep her forever and ever, but she is a feral kitty and will never be domesticated. but at least i get to see her everyday.

my little doesn't like her one bit and half tail doesn't like him back. they spend a lot of time
antagonizing each other. little sits at my window on the inside and half tail sits below the windowsill outside and they just stare at each other. it is kind of cute, in a way, until the meowing and hissing starts. thats when the blinds get closed.

i really do want another kitty. a kitten to be exact. i know little will NOT be happy at first, but i know he will grow used to the baby. i hope that little will teach the kitten his ways so the baby will grow to be like little; lovable, sweet, cuddley, and affectionate. I JUST LOVE KITTYS!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


drinking: irish breakfast tea
watching: silence of the lambs
reading: our town (memorizing lines)


Sunday, January 6, 2013

end of the week instagram


oh, what a wonderful morning

i got breakfast in bed! (only becasue i asked for berries and ate them in my bed). and yes, i did drop a half eaten strawberry on my white sheets. oops!

now i'm off to the Pennsylvania Farm Show! yay! i get to eat some bangin' food and see little piggies!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

just a few things

i've been so bored over winter break. i completely rearranged and redecorated my room, learned to knit, and did chores around the house (which i never do). i've also spent a good amount of time on the computer here and i have been innundated with ideas for room decor, ways to style my hair, and revamping my wardrobe with items i have, just to name a couple. one project i have done came from the beautiful minds of A Beautiful Mess. take a peak!

so i didn't make a book shelf, but i have some new wall art that is truly one of a kind. the horizontal picture is my grandmother when she took a family trip to Niagra Falls. it is probably my favorite thing EVER! the other one, yea i don't know who that is. my friend, Erin, and i went to an antique shop and got a bunch of old photos and this was one of those. i just really love it. right now they are hanging up with just tape loops. i can't decide if i want to frame them or not. i probably will when i decorate a future home of mine, but for now, i think they are fine.

in other news, my momma and daddy bought me a turntable today. (okay, i was gonna buy it myself, but realized as we were pulling into the Target parking lot that i left my wallet at home). i'm listening to some Bob Dylan as i type. i need to mention that i LOOOOVE folk music!

and now here's a little bit of Little to brighten your day...

Friday, January 4, 2013


my previous blog was a bust, but it was a good start. it allowed me to see what i was wanting, willing, and capable of doing while juggling school, rehearsals, and all other aspects of my life. i wanted to fill my blog with all sorts of things that were, in some ways, impossible; and that made me dread having to keep up with posting. this blog is here for me to use whenever i want to post about my life, which i hope will be often because i want to document my time here on earth. i enjoy my life and want to share my projects and adventures of it. i want to keep in mind that i don't have to post every day. all i want is this to be a place of fondness for me. thats a good reason, right? it will also give me a reason to use the camera more.

oh, and that is my baby kitty up there. his name is little. (hence the blog name)