Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What I've been up to...

Yes, I am still alive.. shocking, I  know. This last semester started to get quite difficult, and so pretty much all fun was stopped while I slaved over paper after paper. My only breaks came from being able to work on my ceramics projects. Let me just tell you, I freaking love pottery and ceramics! It is definitely my medium. I may still produce beginner looking pieces, but I get so much joy and satisfaction from turning a lump of clay into a functional bowl. It's pretty sweet. Anywho.. I was able to pass all of my 18 credits while maintaining my GPA of 3.8 and man that was hard. But the semester is over, Christmas is tomorrow, and I only have to look forward to 12 credits next semester! WOOOT!

On the kitty cat front; both Michonne and Sherlock are terrible. They are just so bad it's not even funny. They love to knock things off of every horizontal surface, they try to climb every vertical surface, and rough house to the point of breaking something. I love them to death, but this stage in their cat life can pass at any point... I won't mind at all. And Little has been really different since I brought Sherlock into the mix. First off, Sherlock loves to annoy and mess with him. I just feel so bad for my Little. And now Little has started peeing on my clothes and on the carpet. I don't know if it is territorial or rebellion or old age, but either way, it is frustrating. I cleaned up my room (because the mountains of clothes on the floor weren't helping the situation) and I added one more litter box, so hopefully that is the solution.

I was just cast in Antigone by Sophocles as Ismene, so I'm really looking forward to being on the stage again. I've also started to look very closely at what I'm going to do after I graduate from HACC. All that is solidified is that I want to get a masters as well as a bachelors, but I don't know in what yet. Probably for acting, but I've taken a fancy to set design and dramaturgy this semester. It will have something to do with the theatre though!

So that is about it; nothing spectacular. I leave you with a couple pictures of things I've recently enjoyed!

Covered bridges in winter are just pretty! 

I'm loving having a fireplace.. and so do the kitties! 

Kudos, fortune cookie, for having a really insightful fortune.

I've been working the lights and sound for some of the children's shows at work and it's been really fun.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Your cats sound adorable! Also you've inspired me to take a ceramics class next fall, haha, because if I get half the amount of joy out of it as you have, it'll be worth it. And I'm kind of having the same conundrum you're having about the future, except the opposite? (I want to get my masters in technical theatre, but I also really like acting & improv...) AND finally, seeing your picture of the light board makes me miss doing lighting things so much.

    -Layne (because IDK what this will show up as being from)