Friday, February 1, 2013

my favorite day

i scheduled my classes this semester so that i had friday's off. best. decision. ever. especially since i have rehearsals sunday-wednesday. i just love to come home right after my 1 o'clock class ends on thursday and i can do whatever the hell i want becasue i can sleep in! it truly is wonderful!
friday tends to be a creative day for me. i always get a burst of inspiration and the excitment of starting something new is something i love! today, i decided to cook a really nice dinner.. like really nice. on the menu is:

roasted whole chicken breast with an herb rub
roasted onion potatoes
steamed green beans
and the best rolls in the history of the world
(can you say yum?)
right now, since it is only 2, i am drinkin' some iced green tea and about to tune into Survivorman on my itunes. (i love friday's!)

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