Monday, January 28, 2013

five inches

i had to cut my hair, which really sucks since i was growing it out. i wanted me some lucious locks. my director, marnie, told me she wanted shoulder length with sideswept bangs. ugh. so i got it done at Didia Salon in Carlisle, PA. (i highly reccomend that you go there if you live close to central PA.)  it was a lovely haircut. perfect, actually. just what marnie wanted. but i hated it. i got 5 inches taken off. i missed my long hair. i felt so young and not pretty in any way. needless to say, i had a total mental breakdown. it was kinda silly. the next day, my mom called up my stylist and i went back in. he showed me different ways to style my hair so that is doesn't look so juvenile. (for no charge, i might add.)

slowly, but surely, i am growing accustomed to my hair, and i know sooner rather than later i will forget about the length. i just need to keep in mind that changing the way i look is a ginormous part of the profession i have chosen.


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