Friday, January 4, 2013


my previous blog was a bust, but it was a good start. it allowed me to see what i was wanting, willing, and capable of doing while juggling school, rehearsals, and all other aspects of my life. i wanted to fill my blog with all sorts of things that were, in some ways, impossible; and that made me dread having to keep up with posting. this blog is here for me to use whenever i want to post about my life, which i hope will be often because i want to document my time here on earth. i enjoy my life and want to share my projects and adventures of it. i want to keep in mind that i don't have to post every day. all i want is this to be a place of fondness for me. thats a good reason, right? it will also give me a reason to use the camera more.

oh, and that is my baby kitty up there. his name is little. (hence the blog name)


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