Wednesday, January 9, 2013

just a little stray

my brother named her half tail because she only has half a tail and it has no movement. now i don't know how that happened. my theories are 1) she was born that way or 2) hit by something. either way, she is as sweet as can be, but doesn't like to have too much contact with humans. she sticks around for food because i can't bear not to feed her. when i set down her food, she rubs against my hand and i have the miniscule opportunity to get a little lovin' from her. i want so badly to keep her forever and ever, but she is a feral kitty and will never be domesticated. but at least i get to see her everyday.

my little doesn't like her one bit and half tail doesn't like him back. they spend a lot of time
antagonizing each other. little sits at my window on the inside and half tail sits below the windowsill outside and they just stare at each other. it is kind of cute, in a way, until the meowing and hissing starts. thats when the blinds get closed.

i really do want another kitty. a kitten to be exact. i know little will NOT be happy at first, but i know he will grow used to the baby. i hope that little will teach the kitten his ways so the baby will grow to be like little; lovable, sweet, cuddley, and affectionate. I JUST LOVE KITTYS!


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